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SCUBA DIVING in tarpon springs & Dive charters in tarpon springs 



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Scuba Instruction by Firefighter-Paramedics, RN's and Military Veterans

 You Couldn't be in Safer Hands

2018 Group Class Schedule 


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Most Dive Students Require 4 Open Water Dives.....

But Sometimes.........​

Unlike other sports training programs, scuba certification is performance based training.

Attending training alone does not ensure certification. While most students are able to

master the skills necessary to qualify for certification in four open water training dives,

 some do not. Completing four open water dives does NOT guarantee  certification.

Our Instructors will NOT issue a certification until the student demonstrates

skill mastery and proficiency required

by SDI or PADI Standards.   

Summer Diving & Out of Sate/Country Students

Summer weather in Florida is unpredictable and we find it difficult to adhere to a strict

schedule to do Florida storms. We will go out of our way to complete certifications. It may

not always be possible to complete certifications for those who are in town as visitors for a 

limited time or who have come to us for certification with a short deadline prior to an

upcoming trip. We will be happy to give our students referral documentation for students

to complete their training elsewhere. In the event we are unable to complete training

due to short term schedule availability or stormy weather, we offer no refunds or 

partial refunds for incomplete classes. Students have  1 year from the class

start date to complete all training. Students who go beyond

one year from the start of class will be charged full class

price minus educational materials.


      Learn To SCUBA Dive in Tarpon Springs, FL
(Or in your home with groups of 3 or more)

 If you’ve always wanted to take scuba diving lessons, experience 

 unparalleled adventure and see the world beneath the waves, this is

where it starts.Get your scuba diving certification with the diving Pros!!  
The SDI Open Water Course – the world’s most popular and widely 

recognized scuba course.Millions of people have learned to scuba

 dive and gone on to discover the wonders of the aquatic world through this 

course.To enroll in the Open Water  (or Junior Open Water Diver course),

you must be 10 years old or older. You  need adequate swimming 

skills and need to be in good physical health. No prior 

experience with scuba diving is required.

 What will you learn?

The  SDI Open Water Diver course consists of three  phases:
 -Knowledge Development

    (online, independent study or in a classroom or your living room) 
      to understand basic  principles of scuba diving
 -Confined Water Dives to learn basic scuba skills
 - Open Water Dives to use your skills and explore!

 Training Equipment

  Hurly's Wet Adventures utilizes state of the art new scuba equipment
  including dive computers No garage sale junk gear here!

 Students must provide a set of "Scuba Quality" personal snorkeling

 gear-Mask, Snorkel, Fins, & Booties-

 Hurly's offers a student discount off our already rock bottom prices.

 Two Ways to Learn

    1. eLearning- Begin your class today in your home
                             on your computer around your schedule

       2. Book Learning- Pick your book package up in
                             our dive center and  learn in our class room

  Class Sizes

    Group Class- 3-6 Students- Join us for a group class. Classes scheduled monthly. If you have

                              more than 3 divers in your class we are able to create a custom schedule for your group


       Private Class- 1-2 Students-If you're looking for  your own private experience this is for you!!  

                                 This program is designed for Custom dive schedules are created for private students


                            Tuition = $250 + eLearning $129.99 + Open Water Dives ($110)*

                         * Open Water Dive Fees Not Due Until Three Days Prior to the Dives *

                                                    * Open Water Dive Fees are Not Part of BOGO Offer *


                                    The BOGO Class applies for the eLearning Program (NOT TXT BOOK)

                                               unless the student is under the age of 14

                             Dives:  ** We are Following Winter Training Protocols**

                                              Blue Grotto or Other Springs

                           $55 per day@ a Minimum of 2 days depending on student performance

​                                                                                      These fees are not due until the day of the dives



Private Class $499 Per Diver + eLearning Fee of $129 + Dives

      Want an exclusive class with our Instructor? This class is for you.  1-2 Divers 

    We Provide:    Wet Suit (if necessary), BCD, Regulators, Dive Computers, Weight, Tanks

   You Provide:   Scuba quality personal snorkeling gear:   Mask, snorkel, fins, booties

           Optional Rental Gear for Class:    Not ready to buy personal snorkeling gear?

             Students may elect to rent our personal snorkeling gear for

               $65 for the duration of the class. In the rental program students can try a variety

               of masks and snorkels during the rental period. Once you are certified we will

               credit you $30 from your rental fee towards your new set of personal snorkeling

                gear for up to one month from your certification date.

                                            Ready to Start Your Class Now?  

                                          Click the red button below and off you go!!!

​                                 A Few Important Notes

        * Summer diving visibility at our training grounds is often poor quality due to bad weather or

             red tide issues. Students may elect to opt for an offshore dive charter upgrade at the cost

             of $65 per day. We have no control over this issue and may cancel or reschedule the dives at

              the training grounds due to unsafe visibility conditions

          ** Other Dive Site Training Upgrade Options

               -Gulf Charter Open Water Training Charter @ Veterans Reef Tarpon Springs $85/day (minimum 4 divers)

               - Blue Grotto Springs Williston, FL (2 hrs north)  $55 per student 3 diver minimum
               -Certification in Key Largo- $350 pp--4-6 divers (Hotel/Charters & equipment for 2 nights included dbl/occ)
                                                              $500 pp 1-3 Divers