** For Our Customers Safety Every Air/ Nitrox fill is Tested for Carbon Monoxide Prior to Leaving the Shop **

SCUBA DIVING in tarpon springs & Dive charters in tarpon springs 



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Rental Membership   $300yr

BCD, Weights, Reg, Computer, Weights
(2)- 80cu Aluminum Tanks

Don't have the cash for a $1000 set of gear? Sick of paying $$ for annual equipment servicing? Want to dive in the latest set of high quality gear and dive computers? Then our Rental Membership program is for you!

Join our one of a kind Rental Membership and save $200!

Members pay an annual fee of $300 and can check out a sent of gear 10 times in a year.  The daily rental rate is normally $50 making this a $500 year expenditure.

If you dive more than the 10 times you will pay a reduced fee of $30 per rental!!   


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Wet Suit Rental      2.5mm  $15

Daily Rental*           $50

BCD, Weights, Reg, Computer, Weights

​& Wet Suit

(2)- 80cu Aluminum Tanks

Weekend Rental     $85

BCD, Weights, Reg, Computer, Weights
(4)- 80cu Aluminum Tanks