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This popular service is a wonderful way to keep your loved one in touch with the environment they once loved. Our memorial reef is located 10 miles off of

Tarpon Springs, FL. 

Memorial reefs are man made reefs placed on the ocean floor, in a design that resembles an underwater city. Cremated remains are mixed with concrete and fitted into a mold which mimics a natural reef formation. Once the mold is complete, it is sunk to the bottom of the ocean to create an artificial reef.  Depending on the wishes of the deceased or the family, the container may be left unadorned, simply personalized with the name and dates of birth and death, or have a metal memorial plaque permanently attached.

Once the container is installed on the ocean floor, it remains there in perpetuity as a memorial to the deceased. Over the next few years, the concrete urn undergoes a transformation as the new reef attracts ocean life to itself, and provides a home for creatures to live, feed, and reproduce, just like a natural reef.

We offer several options for families who live locally or at a distance. Included in your package is a memorial video of the placement, topside dedication service, GPS coordinates and location certificate.

Some packages include options for the family to be present at the time of placement. We offer charters to visit the site topside and dives for  underwater visits. 

Please contact us to build your loved one's memorial reef build today.

Packages from $1,500-$5,000

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