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** For Our Customers Safety Every Air/ Nitrox fill is Tested for Carbon Monoxide Prior to Leaving the Shop **

SCUBA DIVING in tarpon springs & Dive charters in tarpon springs 




  Over 500 people drown nationwide per year in automobile submersion incidents

  and Florida leads the nation! Most fire departments are not trained or

  properly equipped to handle this unique type of rescue. Many departments deploy

  mask and snorkels for this task.This simply puts the rescuer at risk of injury or death

  and reduces the likelihood of a rapid successful extrication of viable patients.

  Vehicle submersions present in a variety of configurations. Most fire service

  leaders are not familiar with the facts of vehicle submersion characteristics and

  therefore do not give them the aggressive rescue priority they deserve. 

   Here are a few points to understand about vehicle submersions:

  1. Many victims call 911 from their sinking vehicle

  2. Many victims have been successfully rescued up to an hour after submersion

       thanks to air pockets to breathe from

  3. Victims who arrest in water colder than 60*f are considered cold water drowning; many FL

       lakes, rivers, and canals are well below this temperature during winter months.

             "Remember, they're not dead until they're WARM & DEAD"

  4. Drowning victims in general have a better resuscitation rate than those with diseased

      system resuscitation We can be more aggressive with submersion drowning victims if we

      can get to them faster

  5. Departments provide firefighters with appropriate PPE equipment and training when

      entering other IDLH environments and should NOT expect or ask rescuers to

      hold their breath and "DO YOUR BEST WITH WHAT YOU'VE GOT"



WET Teams can be used for a variety of situations and act as yet another lifesaving

skill/tool to add to your first response team. WET Teams have been used for

victims trapped in overturned boats and downed aircraft

 The Solution


 WET stands for Water Extrication Team. A WET Team is a specialized  team of Public Safety trained scuba divers using state-of-the-art rapid deploy equipment known as Rapid DiverTM. The Rapid DiverTM  system is used to affect a rescue of victims trapped in a sub-surface environment ie . vehicle  submersions, capsized boats, downed aircraft etc...A WET Team does not require a boat for

 deployment on vehicle submersions but can deploy from any boat as necessary for other types of

 incidents. This compact state-of-the-art equipment is carried on first response apparatus and can be deployed in as little as 20 seconds. A two-person team is all it takes to affect a rapid rescue. Many agencies are finding it affordable to place this two-person team on all front line apparatus.


  There is a big difference between the two! WET Teams are designed to be a rapid deploy team

 assigned to front line apparatus. WET Teams are designed to affect a rescue. WET Teams are 

 typically more cost effective and do not require additional vehicles or boats to implement.

WET Teams are short duration enter, rescue, and get out  teams.

 Dive teams are costly and require additional vehicles and boats. Dive teams are typically not rapid 

 deploy and are used typically as recovery teams. Many departments have a 30 min. or greater

 response time expectation when the nearest dive team is called.

 Rapid DiverTMcomes standard with a front 27cu' tank for 20-30 min. of shallow

water use. Teams that  want to use Rapid DiverTM  in the DIVE TEAM mode can do

so simply by adding a standard 80 cu' tank to the rear of the unit. This make the

Rapid Diver unit very versatile.

      OUR GOAL IS TO RESCUE......     

                NOT RECOVER!

Rapid diver vs. other rapid system

 Hurly's believes that the only acceptable rapid entry rescue system on the market is the

 Rapid DiverTM system. The Rapid DiverTM system is the only system that offers the proper amount

of lift (50 lbs) to support the rescuer and victim at the surface. Competitor units offer 25 lbs of lift which

    is the equivalent to a lightweight recreational BCD. The rugged design of the Rapid DiverTM  will

meet the tough requirements demanded by public safety divers during life saving operations.


 If you're ready to build your team please contact us to schedule a

presentation and custom build a team that fits your department's needs. 

As an Authorized Training Agency for Rapid DiverTM you can be assured that

your team training is as reliable as your equipment!

Diver training includes Open Water, Advanced Open Water, Rescue Diver,

Full Face Mask Diver,, and Rapid DiverTM Public Safety Education and more!!

WET Students will undergo a "HELL" week Fin Camp to complete all necessary training

Hurly's Wet Adventures LLC. is owned and operated by an active

duty Lt. Firefighter-Paramedic. You will receive the most up

to date training on the market.



           President- Hurly's Wet Adventures LLC                                Lt. Gary Hurlbut Firefighter-Paramedic